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Coaching can be a very rewarding experience but it is very important that all coaches keep the proper perspective. Dexter Parks and Recreation Coaches are not to have a "win-at-all-cost" attitude. The primary goal is to teach and develop sports fundamentals in a healthy and fun atmosphere. Please realize that all of the coaches for Dexter Parks and Recreation volunteer their time to the youth of these programs.

Responsibilities as a coach:

  1. provide a safe physical environment
  2. be an effective and positive communicator
  3. be able to teach the skills and rules of the sport
  4. be a positive role model

As a coach, you will need to have a comprehension of the rules and knowledge of the game. Dexter Parks and Recreation strives to provide everyone with an enjoyable experience while developing a players' fundamental skills and encouraging them to perform to the best of their ability.

Whether you have the official title of coach or not, all adults who participate in our programs have a role in encouraging our kids to strive for their personal best. We do not tolerate yelling, abusive comments or hyper-competitive attitudes. If that is the manner in which you choose to motivate your child(ren) to do thier best, our program is not the right program for you.

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