Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a season pass for the pool?

Yes we do. The passes may be purchased online or at the park office. Season Passes cannot be purchased at the pool. Please call the park office at 573-624-8244 for pricing information.

Do you offer swim lessons?

Yes we do. Swim lessons are offered annually in the month of July. Registrations are accepted beginning in January each year. You may register by online application, mail in, or drop by the park office. All forms must be received by the deadline. Instructors reserve the right to determine your child's level of ability and place them accordingly. Public Swim Lessons will be 45 minutes long Monday thru Thursday for 2 weeks. Parent & Child and Pre-School swim lessons will be 30 minutes long Monday thru Thursday for 2 weeks. Class size is limited. Participants must be able to function in a group environment and go with instructors willingly. The park offers parent and child class starting at 6 months of age, to pre-school lessons, to swim lessons with 6 levels of classes. We also offer private swim lessons. All private lesson registrations must be completed at the park office. Call the park office at 573-624-8244 for more information.

Can anyone use the slides at the aquatic facility?

No, there is a height requirement to be able to use the slides, along with other slide rules. Any pool patron wanting to use the slides must be 50 inches tall with no exception to this safety rule. Patrons will be issued a bracelet if they meet the height requirement which will allow them access to the pool slides. For safety reasons, riders who are pregnant, have back trouble or heart conditions should not ride slides.

Can I bring my child and drop them off at the pool?

All children under the age of 7 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Our lifeguards are trained and their job is to assist in making our facility a safe place to bring the family. However, we are not babysitters. Parents are expected to watch their children and to assist in enforcing the policies for the safety and enjoyment of all patrons.

Can I have a pool party?

Yes, we do host pool parties. They are offered on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings from 6:00-7:30pm. Pool parties are for up to 100 guests; a guest is anyone inside the fenced area. Cake/ food may be brought to the facility. It must be contained to the concession area during the party. All rules for public swim apply during pool parties. For pricing information or to book a pool party, call the park office at 573-624-8244. The pool does not book pool parties. It must be done at the park office.

When will the Dexter Aquatic Facility open?

The Dexter Aquatic Facility will open Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. The pool will be open for public swim daily.

Sunday-Saturday 1:00pm-5:00pm

Please call the park office at 573-624-8244 for pricing information.

Do you have any seasonal jobs available at the Parks Department?

Yes! We are always looking for people interested in officiating for our sports. We also hire a seasonal crew at the park office to help maintain ballfields and the parks during the busier time of the year. At the Aquatic Facility we employ lifeguards (which must have a valid lifeguarding & waterpark certification), admission personnel, concession workers, and janitorial position. If you are interested in a seasonal position with the parks department, stop by the park office and fill out an application or look at our Job Openings page.

How can I, as a parent, get current information from the Parks and Recreation Department?

Remind is our best method of communication. The DPR main list remind code is @mainlist.

Another good place to look is our web site, We will have schedules, cancellations, team rosters and upcoming sports and park news on the site.

We also have a Facebook page where we post pictures, scheduling information, cancellations and other information.

You can also call the park office 573-624-8244 or email us at

Where do I turn in a registration form?

Do NOT return the forms to school. They can be mailed to the park office at 500 Fairground Drive Dexter, MO 63841, turn it in to the park office during office hours, or place it in the night drop on the front of the building.

Do you allow any sponsorship for sports?

Yes! We do have sponsorships available for all sports. If you are interested in sponsoring a sport, contact the park office at 573-624-8244. There are various prices depending on the sport. Sponsorship is simply advertisement. It is your logo on the team shirt or sleeve. Being a sponsor does not allow any special privileges, it is simply advertisement. As a sponsor you will not have a say over who will coach the team you sponsor or have any control over the team, you will simply be advertising on a shirt.

What do I need to do if I am interested in coaching?

Coaching is a very important role in the DPR programs; it can make or break a child's experience in a sport. If you are interested in coaching a sport there is a place on the registration form to check. It is important that all coaches keep a proper perspective. DPR coaches are not to have a "win at all cost" goal. The primary goal is to teach and develop in a very fun atmosphere. If you are interested in coaching please consider the following responsibilities as a coach: providing a safe physical environment, being an effective and positive communicator, being able to teach the skills and rules of the sport, and be a positive role model. Other things to consider before coaching are that you will need to have a comprehension of the rules and knowledge of the game. At DPR, we want to provide everyone with an enjoyable experience. Our focus is to develop a player's fundamental skills and help players perform to the best of their ability. We ask that, as a parent, you realize all coaches for DPR volunteer their time to coach and they try to do the best job they can.

How long does a person have to register for a sport or swim lessons?

Each sport has a deadline. There are no exceptions to register after the deadline. The park department will refuse any form received after the deadline date. If you have something come up and cannot make it, you need to call the park office and make arrangements before or on the deadline date. We make sure that there is ample time to register for a sport at Dexter Parks and Recreation. For swimming lessons you have until the class fills up or up until 2 business days before the class starts to register.

How do I register for a sport or swim lessons?

We have a number of ways to try to make the registration as convenient and as easy as possible. You may register and pay online. After we receive your registration, we will send you a confirmation email. You can mail the registration to the park office at 500 Fairground Drive Dexter, MO, stop by the park office during our office hours (7:30am to Noon, 1:00pm to 4:30pm), or drop it in the night drop at the park office (located on the northeast side of the building).

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