Athletic Fields

To reserve or rent athletic fields please call the park office at (573) 624-8244.

Practice Policy

  1. Fields and batting cages will be reserved on a first come-first served basis.
  2. A person (s) having paid for the Babe Ruth Field does not guarantee the use of the batting cages.
  3. A person (s) having a paid reservation with the Dexter Parks and Recreation Dept. will have priority over those who do not have a reservation.
  4. If a baseball field has been prepared for a game, NO ONE is to be on the field unless it is the reserving party.
  5. Any damage to the facility which can be traced to a specific person (s) will be charged double amount of the actual damage.
  6. Dexter ball fields will not be used for making money unless such person(s) has obtained a special permit from the park dept.
  7. NO REFUNDS will be made due to weather or field condition cancellations. The Park dept. will determine playing condition--no exceptions.
  8. Practice or games can be cancelled without notice due to field condition, field maintenance or bad weather.
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