Dedicated to a cleaner and greener Dexter.

We are working to clean up neighborhoods, streets, alleys and vacant lots around the city. We want to work towards making Dexter a cleaner, brighter and better place to live. Aside from other benefits, having cleaner, greener neighborhoods means lower risk of contracting a mosquito-borne illness, such as the Zika virus.

Help Clean up Dexter

Want to get involved and help clean-up Dexter?

 It’s a fantastic opportunity to join your neighbors in making your neighborhood better.  It’s your chance to help clean up the area streets, alleys and vacant lots. Let’s team up to clean up Dexter. All you have to do is supply the energy.  Dexter will supply the tools and trash bags!

Anyone can organize a project.  Neighbors, businesses, schools, churches, scout troops and other civic organizations are encouraged to get involved.  No project is too big or too small. Whether you focus on one block or a specific area, it all makes a positive difference!

Projects can be scheduled year-round, allowing groups to select a clean-up date and location that is convenient for them.  Be sure to register your project at least one week in advance.

Project Tools

When you register your Project, Dexter will equip you with the tools you need to tackle your project.  To keep track of all the tools and ensure they get returned, we suggest borrowing one tool per volunteer. You can request what tools to borrow through the Registration Form.  Handy tools include litter grabbers, brooms, shovels, rakes and recycling carts.

Litter Grabbers:
We have the tool to make your Project clean up even easier!  These litter grabbers are 3 feet long, making it quick and effortless to pick up unsightly litter.  You can request litter grabbers on your Registration for a speedy litter pick-up project or to help with a larger clean-up.

Let’s work together to keep Dexter litter-free.  

Brooms, Rakes and Shovels
We can provide you with various types of brooms, rakes and shovels for your cleanup needs.  Our volunteers have found it helpful to use flat shovels as a dust pan for push brooms, so you may want to consider borrowing those items as a pair.

Recycling Carts (not available at this time)
Help keep valuable materials out of the landfill during your next clean up by borrowing a cart!  Recycling carts are 32-gallon rolling carts that allow you to easily separate recyclables like bottles, cans, some paper and cardboard.  Learn what and how to recycle at your next clean up.

Got Bulk?
For large, bulky items (furniture, appliances, etc.), please use Dexter’s regularly-scheduled bult pick up. If you want to include bulky items in your project, be sure to schedule your project the weekend before your regularly-scheduled bulk pick-up.

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