Attractions & Information


  • 30 foot open flume speed slide (must be 50" to use slide)
  • 30 foot, 223 feet long with three-360 degree turns (must be 50" to use slides)
  • Water Basketball
  • Jacuzzi Therapy Bench
  • Tumble Buckets
  • Arch Sprays
  • 1 Meter Diving Board
  • 8-25 Meter Competitive Lanes
  • Concession Area
  • Nine Sun Shades on deck area
  • Three-Way Bench with Coolbrella in zero entry part of pool
  • Grassy Lay-Out Area
  • Chaise Lounge Chairs on the Deck
  • Men, Women's and Family rooms which include showers and changing area

Pool Rules

General Rules

  • All children 7 years and under must be accompanied by an adult and within an arms reach
  • No Refunds (even if it rains/storms as soon as you enter the facility, Rainout Pass Protection available for purchase)
  • No food, drinks, or gum allowed (we do have a concession stand)
  • No alcohol or tobacco of any kind (including e-cigs, and vapor)
  • No diving from pool deck
  • Pool check is every hour--patrons must clear the pool during this time (one long whistle)
  • Patrons are to listen and obey all lifeguards and staff
  • Managers have the authority to remove anyone from the pool facility
  • Swim diapers are required for anyone that is not potty-trained
  • No cutoff, jean shorts allowed in the pool

Diving Board Rules

  • Do not use the diving board unless you can swim
  • No double bouncing
  • One person at a time on diving board
  • All patrons must go off the front of the board and exit using the ladder on the north wall
  • Parents may not catch child off of board
  • No gainers
  • No floatation devices can be used, No goggles
  • Dive at your own risk

Slide Rules

  • All riders must be 50 inches tall to ride the slide
  • Only one rider at a time; no doubles or trains
  • No metal on slides; to include but not limited to, exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal ornamentation
  • Riders must go down feet first, lying on back, ankles crossed, with arms folded across chest
  • For safety reasons, riders who are pregnant, have back trouble or heart conditions should not ride the slides
  • Riders must obey all directions given by the lifeguards and exit the catch pool immediately
  • Goggles are not permitted
  • Riders must keep their arms and legs inside the flume
  • Riders may not run, dive, stand, kneel, rotate, or stop in the slide
  • Riders slide at their own risk
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