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Commem-A-Tree Program: The Dexter Parks and Recreation Board announce the establishment of a tree memorial donation program entitled "Commem-A-Tree". This program benefits the community as well as the donor in providing for the planting of a stately tree in a public setting so that all may enjoy its natural beauty and reverse environmental devastation.

"Trees become a living monument of our life's events. Our money will be spent, property sold, and memories will fade with time. But our trees will survive as living testaments to the special occasions and people in our life." (Missouri Conservationist magazine—March 1990)

The "Commem-A-Tree" program offers individuals or families the opportunity to plant a tree in memory of a loved one or to celebrate special events like births, graduations, and marriages. It would also be very appropriate for groups in the community as a way to celebrate centennials, building dedications, or a commitment to saving our planet.

The cost of donating a tree in the program is $125.00 (75 for the tree and 50 for the plaque). The tree will be selected and planted by the Park Department in the park of your choice. All donations and memorials will be recorded in the "Commem-A-Tree" register and a small identification plaque will be placed near the tree to identify the tree species and the person or event it commemorates.

The Dexter Parks and Recreation Board have planted the first tree in this memorial program in memory of Mr. Bill Sanders, a long time park employee of 17 years. A Yoshino Cherry tree has been planted in his name at the West City Park.

For more information or a form to participate in this program please contact our Park office. 573-624-8244.


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