The City of Dexter Parks and Recreation Department looks forward to providing recreation opportunities and spaces for our community. In consideration of Governor’s guidelines and directives, as well as CDC and the City-County Health Department guidelines, outlined in blue, we have developed a phased approach to reopening parks.

The green sections of the plan are the initial guidelines the Parks and Recreation Department will follow. However, we will continually assess measures as we move through each phase. This plan is meant to balance the need for and benefits of recreation while operating within the guidelines set forth for social distancing and sanitation measures. It is important to note that this is a fluid document and may be revised as needed.

While we prepare to reopen parks, we will work diligently to secure appropriate sanitation resources, develop necessary signage, train staff on new protocols, and obtain necessary PPE for our staff and program participants. We will continue to keep our community updated as we move through the phases of the plan.

We ask that you are patient with us as we work through each phase of the plan, and we ask that all citizens abide by all established rules and requirements to keep our community safe. Please direct all questions to the Parks and Recreation Department by calling 573-624-8244.

We look forward to recreating with you all again soon.

Jamie Rowe
Park Director

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